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Yu-Gi-Oh Radio

Corrupting young minds, one soul at a time.

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This is an independant creation, 4Kids haven't bought a soul from me yet and it's not at all official. This is just for fun. The "shows" that are created and distributed here won't be bandwidth bending things released all the time either, this is for the fans.

This community is built for the airwaves. with mic in hand, speaker next to ear, join the merry band. Anyway, this is a place where anything goes, as long as you can hear it. Find a podcast from the YGO VA. link here. Made something funny where you've manipulated what they're saying? here. Just want to make a comment on something? Record it and put it here.

We're always after cast and crew for regular entertainers or advertisers.

So anyway, as with all fan created things some people aren't going to agree with everything, but that's what skipping posts and fast forward buttons are for ^_^

Catch you on the flip side.