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20 January 2006 @ 09:20 pm
Hello there~

Name's Aislinn, and once I heard about this community I had to join. Been in the YGO fandom for more than a year. I speak english and french, am from Canada, and do not pronounce 'about' 'aboot'. :| Aand... going with the flow here.

*I happen to own a USB mic, so I'd be more than happy to do some recording bits.
*I've had experience with recording, acting, and am a fanfiction writer, as well as a Bakura and Jounouchi roleplayer, Bakura cosplayer.
*I have nooo experience with Duel Monsters. In fact, this Halloween my boyfriend dueled me when I was cosplaying as Bakura and, I well... got my ass kicked.
*Yeah. XD

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19 January 2006 @ 11:46 pm
Yo. If we're all going to do intro and ideas posts, I'm the_sweet (big with the 'duh!') here, alias Azurite. I've been into Yu-Gi-Oh since '03 or thereabouts. I'm mainly a fanfiction author, but I also read and translate Japanese, and am currently contemplating translating the infamous and rare character guide, the Gospel of Truth. I'd be glad to contribute some interesting tidbits from that to the production.

Though I've been told I'm a theatrical person (and I do have a USB mic... >_>) I'm more of a writer (hence the fanfiction writer part above). I'd love to compile random info into presentation form. What else?
* retired duelist from way-back-when... at least I know the TCG. I still play the online version when I get the chance.
* I maintain the Yu-Gi-Oh! Encyclopedia, aka WikiFic.
* I'm in charge of several Yu-Gi-Oh related communities here on LJ, was a former Anzu roleplayer and cosplayer, and I also am the owner/creator of the official Seto x Anzu fanlisting and fic archive, plus a Yu-Gi-Oh fansite which is currently under construction (converting to a PHP script)
* I do Photoshop work occasionally, and can make banners and the like on request
* I can help sync up podcasts using iPodder and iTunes
* I'm well aware of the hot controversies in Yu-Gi-Oh and translating-- manga and anime both
* I'm familiar with the shippers_club shipper's list, so I can tell a Puppyshipper from a Darkshipper.
* I love a good debate. Anyone want to argue with me on the hieroglyphics Takahashi used, the canon that is/may be Yu-Gi-Oh R, or whatever else, I'll be glad to contribute
* I also know of a multitude of good sites or articles on Yu-Gi-Oh, whether for honest information or good laughs

If I can help in any way, let me know!
19 January 2006 @ 10:42 am
Hey there.
Names Trist.

Belive I was the one who posted about doing a radio show on that german dubbed thread you read XD.
Anyway, im all for it as I used to host a rock hour long show via shoutcast before my ISP decided not to allow that anymore ¬¬.

I'll gladly take on roles of maintainer, promotions, Jockey and other announcing.
I'm a quilfied upperdeck judge (Level 2) and tourny host as well as comming in the top 5 for the english tourny every year I enter, so I'll be able to give deck advice to aspireing duelists, or yu-gi-oh fans who want to know more about the game itself.

I have SOME paint shop pro skills and am willing to make promotional banners for the community.
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19 January 2006 @ 07:44 pm
Hello and welcome to YGO Radio.
These are the rules...
1. No flame
2. Give me your ideas
3. insert other generic rules here.

Just basically, don't be stupid and get us fandom wanked eh?
Commence corruption now.