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07 April 2006 @ 07:26 pm
Think you can do better? CHALLENGE!!!!!  

Yes, radio comm, we have noooo TV, but in light of this fact, I think, we need a dubbing contest.

There's a link here to a MegaUpload thing, it's about 2min 19secs long or something like that, but it has no sound. The Challenge is you have to create your own dub. So if you've got a mic and some seconds to spare let's see if you can kick the Dan Man and Ted in the ass with your amazing skillz. Not to mention you'll be competing with 4Kids for mighty Dialogue.

The clip is taken from the start of the AE series, in the alleyway in the rain. The clip is tiny and is about 870KB big (that's 0.87MB), we have the full size version of it and the winner will have it added to the big clip and posted onto here (or YouTube) for all to see!... well, all we see it anyway as you'll be posting your entries (links to) here on this page. There will be a vote, spoons will be thrown, and tomatoes squished into paste.


There's the link.

Conditions of entry:
You don't have to be a member.
Don't worry if you can't add the sound to the clip, just send us the sound and we'll add it to the clip for ya and post a link here so people can comment. Just so long as the recoding starts the same time the clip does, or you comment and say something like, "the click you here is as I hit the play button so you can edit out all before that" you can even do that on sound recorder by the way, no fancy equipment needed, and most windows come with movie maker (I can't get rid of mine -_-).
It doesn't have to be done by just a single person, any amount of people can work on the dub.
You must supply a return address so we can tell you what's going on...please
Feel free to comment on the works of others. This will help us in deciding.
If you want sound effects you supply your own.
Don't just mimic what they say in Jap or English or spanish or whatever *eye roll*

May the best dubber win.


Tips and Hints:
Try to be dramatic, this is Dan and Ted your going up against here.
Creativity and Comedy wins points.
Try not to laugh while doing it.
Sounding really serious and convincing (like Yami) while saying something stupid (like Yami) is impressive.

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